Computer Science department

Оn September 1, 2004 as a result of the division of the department "Computer Science and Information Systems" and "Informatics" of the Department of Informatics, the Department of Informatics was created.

The preparation of bachelors in the specialty “5В011100 - Computer Science” has been carried out since 2004 in the Kazakh and Russian languages in full-time education on the basis of general education and professional masters and PhD doctors. The specialty is focused on the direction of "education". The department also serves all the university’s specialties in teaching disciplines related to information and communication technologies in this direction, the department is a service department.

The first bachelor's degree was held at the full-time Department in 2008. Graduates of this specialty receive the academic degree "bachelor of education" in the specialty 5B011100-Informatics, the graduation of masters of education in the specialty 6M011100 - "Computer Science" is carried out since 2011 on the basis of higher education. In 2018, he received a master's license in the specialty "7M01124-Pedagogical measurement". From 2019-2020, he prepared the specialties "6B01511-training of computer science teachers", "7M01511-Computer science"," 7M0151-Smart-City"," 7M01525-Stem education"," 8D01124 - pedagogical measurements".

The mission of the Department is to train competitive specialists who are ready to carry out professional activities in research and educational fields.


 Based on this, the mission of educational programs is aimed at providing the needs of society and the state with new generation human and scientific resources in the field of information and communication technologies, as well as continuous support for the sustainable development of the innovative economy of Kazakhstan, covering the subsystems of education and science. Educational programs are developed in accordance with modern requirements for specialists in the labor market. According to employers, the educational program is focused on training specialists who possess the necessary knowledge in the field of education.

Educational programs are developed in accordance with the State mandatory standard approved by the decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 23.08.2012 No. 1080 (as amended in 2016), the professional standard "Teacher", No. 133 dated 8 June 2017, and the Industry qualification framework "Information and communication technologies", dated 30 September 2013 No. 769.

The Department provides training for bachelors in the EP specialty:

·  "5B011100 - "Computer Science" and " 6B01511-Computer Science";

masters in EP:

·    "7M01511-Computer Science";

·     "7M01124-Pedagogical dimension";

·     "7M01514 – Smart-City";

·     "STEAM-training".

PhD of doctors in EP:

·    "8D01511-Computer Science".

The Department of Informatics has 2 doctors of science, professors, 14 candidates of science, associate professors and 6 masters in information technology. Staff of the Department teaches more than 50 General and special disciplines:"Methods of teaching Informatics", "Algorithmization and programming", "Object-oriented programming in Visual C/C+", "programming Python", "Architecture of computer systems", "Managing and configuring PC", "Technical characteristics of the computer and networking", "Computer systems and networks", "Organization of project activities in computer science", "the Application of the CLIL methodology at the lessons of Informatics, Elements of robotics in the school course of Informatics and ICT», "Robotics based on Lego Mindstorms EV3", "Robotics based on the Arduino platform", "Game programming environment of the Scratch Logo", "Development and creation of computer games", "2 D / 3D modeling", "Infographics and Flash technologies", "Workshop on solving Olympiad programming problems", "Web programming", "Mobile programming on the Android platform", "Security and the Internet", "Cloud technologies in education",  "Big Data                                                                                                                                      

#Abai175: the Relay in honor of the 175th anniversary of Abai was accepted by ENU!

President Nursultan Nazarbayev, reflecting on the future of the country, noted that "the main asset of the country is not only its weath, but also the future of the native language." The language is revered for all nationalities. As part of the celebration of Abay's 175th anniversary, ENU supported the challenge initiated by the Abay district of the East Kazakhstan region - the small Homeland of the educator. The relay is dedicated to the anniversary of the great Kazakh thinker Abai and started on the initiative of the rector of the University prof. E. B. Sydykov the Department of Informatics of ENU joined the challenge #Abai175

The meeting of the ENU group named after L.N. Gumilyov (Nur-Sultan) on the issue of developing an educational program and career guidance for the summer school on STEM education.


In the Department of Informatics, a desktop network simulator «IT-alem» was conduct