About us

Education on the specialization "Informatics" at the L.N Gumilyov Eurasian national university is conducted since 2000 at faculty of “Mathematics and information technologies”.

In 2001 education has began on two new specialties: "Computer systems in management systems" and "Automation and informatization in management systems" on the base of department of “Informatics”, following transferred to department of "System Analysis and Management" in 2003 on three specialties "Information Systems", "Computer Facilities and Software" and "Informatics (Educational)".

In 2004 at faculty of Mathematics and information technologies” functioned following departments: "Informatics", "Information systems" and "Computer facilities". In 2011 department was once again divided into two departments: "Theoretical Informatics" and "Computer facilities". In 2010 established faculty of “Information technologies” which structure included departments of IT specialties.

At different period of time faculty were managed by associate professor Baygozhin E.S. professor Musabayev T.T. professor Ismagambetov M. U. professor Neyronov of B.C., professor Sagindykov K.M. professor Dzhaychibekov N. Zh. professor Akilbekov A.T. From 2011 to 2019 the dean was Professor Zh.K. Nurbekova. Faculty directed by the Candidate of Technical Sciences, PhD of Economics, professor SEILOV SHAKHMARAN ZHURSINBEKOVICH present time.

Main objective of faculty is educating highly skilled IT stuff of new generation of the third millennium - global introduction of computer and information technologies to many fields of social activities and modern industry. The goal of faculty is strengthening of international relations, establishing of educational programs with external partners, full-fledged exchange of teachers, undergraduates and postgraduate students.

Currently faculty closely cooperates with universities abroad, as Dundee University (Great Britain), Synzan university (China), Bratislava technical university (Slovakia), the Yerevan state university (Armenia), the Notre Dame university (Indiana, USA), the Siberian open university, Republican university of Navarre, (Spain), etc.

Important value has cooperation with the largest IT companies. For educations of IT-specialists of new generation with practical skills conducted cooperation with large IT – the companies as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, InterSystems, EPAM, launching the pilot project of opening of laboratory of “Programming in Apple surrounding”, is the participant of Consortium of service providers of electronic training system. These companies hold the Olympiades, international contests, with it purpose of employment of students in the largest IT – the companies.

During establishment and existence of faculty of “Information technologies” were prepared leading specialists who are manages now and conduct vigorous, professional activity in IT field. Our students repeatedly became winners of the international and republican olimpiades and conferences. For example, in the third republican olimpiade of the innovative INTECH-2006 projects, the Samsung companies - Almaty-2006, were prize holders in the programming World Cup of ACM ICPC 2005-2006, 2006-2007, in 2012 the undergraduate of our faculty became a finalist in the international Olympic Games "IT PLANET" in Moscow.

The faculty of “Information technologies” is one of leading and perspective divisions of L.N Gumilyov Eurasian national university today.


Mission and Vision of the Faculty

Mission:  to be a scientific, technical and educational center for training in-demand IT specialists with fundamental and practical knowledge, innovative approaches, research skills, ensuring advanced development and achieving competitive positions in the global educational space.

Our high mission is the formation of strong personalities, in-demand and successful IT personnel, worthy citizens of the country.

Strategic vision of the state of the faculty by 2023: full integration into the global educational space; transition to a competence-based approach in education, research and management, taking into account the trend of ICT development; orientation to the needs of real labor markets through the creation of an ICT cluster; development of educational programs at all levels; effective quality management of education and improvement of educational process management mechanisms through digitalization of education and implementation of IT management.