Student clubs and associations

For the diversified development of the personality of students, the University has a number of clubs on interests and amateur associations that carry out their activities in various areas: Altyn Belgi, Parasat, Zhas Maman, Pyramid, Zheti Zhary, Orator, "Zhas ecologist", "Diplomatic Alliance", etc.


Clubs  Leaders
«IT Club»   Tuktchybaeva Shyryn Sarybaievna 8-(777)-165-99-85
«gENUs»   Toleubekov Talant Meiruly 8-(747)-518-67-89
«Atamura» Temirlan Makhmetov Muratovich  8-(778)-246-95-95
«Meyrіm»   Olzhas Suleimanovich Abyasserov8-(778)-372-30-06
Team KVN ""7-étajka"" Sadykov Tolei Kanatuly 8-(775)-977-65-28
CYP FIT Omïrxanova Altynay Rawankızı 8-(747)-546-13-16
Zhas Otan FIT  Magzum Arslanbek Talgatwlı 8-(777)-867-17-17