Trade union of students "Senim"


The main objectives of the organization is to protect the socio-economic and other rights of students and undergraduates ENU them. L.N. Gumilyov; public control over observance of normative legal acts concerning the rights and benefits of students. An important goal of the trade union committee is strengthening the health of students and raising their standard of living, by conducting various anti-smoking, anti-alcoholic actions, organizing mass morning rituals.

The trade union committee monitors monthly living conditions, health care, environmental safety and other issues related to the socio-economic situation of students and undergraduates; carries out public control over the organization of medical care for students and undergraduates, as well as public catering, through complaints and suggestions located in public catering establishments.

Often in their work, the trade union committee is confronted with the legal ignorance of students and for this "Senim" renders legal assistance to students and undergraduates.

One of the main tasks of the student trade union of ENU them. L.N. Gumilev - care for the preservation and development of student traditions of the university. Dedication to students, the decade "Kultegin" and the holding of the contest "Kyz Zhibek" became an integral part of the life of our students. Also, the union is engaged in supporting young people's initiatives in carrying out activities aimed at self-improvement of young people, in the comprehensive development of individual abilities and personal qualities of students. An example of this is help in organizing the first and second "Vienna Ball", holding a New Year ball-masquerade.

The seminars of well-known trainers-psychologists, meetings with outstanding cultural figures and lectures of famous professors became regular in the university.

Often the trade union organizes concerts with the participation of students and student clubs, given the large number of assembly halls in the university. At the moment, conducting social and legal work with students, the trade union committee established a scholarship for the most socially vulnerable students of the ENU them. L.N. Gumilev.

Do not forget the trade union committee and members of the trade union bureau. Every month the trade union activists are encouraged, and the most distinguished ones are awarded certificates of honor at the reporting meeting each semester.