Center for Youth Policy


Eurasian National University named after L. N. Gumilev has a tradition of student self-government. Making decisions of important issues of student life , the development and conduct of cultural and sporting events, as well as the development of social activity of students have always been considered the main tasks of self-government of our university. At present, such a student self-government is the Center of Youth Policy.

The Center of Youth Policy covers vast areas of student life - from research activities to organizing leisure for young people. For the effective work of the entire organization, were created committees of various fields of activity: the Culture Committee, the Healthy Lifestyle Committee, the Bologna Process Committee, the Information Committee, and the Committee of External Relations.

Aims. The main objectives of this organization are the formation of an active citizenship of students, the promotion of their social maturity, independence, the preparation of students for competent and active participation in the life of society, assistance to university management bodies, faculty deans, departments, pro-rectors in solving educational and scientific problems.

Every month the central apparatus, based on certain criteria, allocates the best faculty, which is awarded the "The best faculty" cup.

The Center of Youth Policy actively participates in all the events held at the University - "Vienna Ball", "Enu Students Day", "Open air", "Enuvision" inter-faculty league of KVN, etc. The activists of the CYP help in the organization and themselves participate in many activities.

Center of Youth Policy of ENU. L. N. Gumilev takes an active part in events of national importance. Students of the Eurasian National University participated in the organization of the OSCE Summit, the Asian Games of Astana-Almaty 2011, the Annual Capital Economic Forum, the Congress of the Assembly of Peoples of Kazakhstan and other events. At the level of the republic there is interaction with such youth organizations as "Zhas Otan", "Alliance of Kazakhstan students", "Kazakhstan Youth Congress", "Zhasyl El" and others, as well as with various universities of our republic.

For many years the student self-government of the Eurasian National University adhered to the strict unofficial rule "Everything for the student!". The center of youth policy will try to continue this tradition, so that every student of the ENU named after L.N. Gumilev spent an unforgettable time and rich in bright colors, called "golden student years."