One of the most important activities of the faculty is research work that contributes to the professional development of the teaching staff and the quality of the educational process. Scientific research carried out at the Faculty within the framework of priority areas of science development fully complies with the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

The subject of research of departments corresponds to the profile of bachelor's degree preparation, characterizes the implementation of the obtained results of departments in the educational process. 

The main directions of research activities at the departments are:


Directions of scientific research

Information systems

  • Formal logic, model theory, algebra and mathematical support of information systems.
  • Methodology of information systems design. 
  • Methods of development and design of information systems.

Computer science

  • Digital transformation of education ;
  • development of a creative society;
  • carrying out work to improve the digital literacy of the population,
  • training ICT specialists for industries;
  • theory and methodology of digital learning,
  • programming of educational robots,
  • robotics in education,
  • augmented and virtual reality in education;
  • human capital development for the OT sector.
  • ICT in education management;
  • training of ICT-competent personnel on the use of digital educational resources;
  • continuous development of ICT competence of teachers in the conditions of irremediable novelty of computer science;
  • information and didactic systems in the context of globalization of education.

Department of Computer and Software Engineering

  • Mathematical and software support of computers, complexes and computer networks, mathematical modeling;
  • Standardization in the field of information technology, standardization and verification of programs, parallel computing, inverse and incorrect tasks;
  • Design of robotic systems, artificial intelligence systems, micro- and nanoelectronics, radioelectronics, information technology and telecommunications;
  • Information theory, coding basics, information security, cryptography, computer graphics, digital technology, WEB technologies

Computer science and information security

  • Problems of artificial intelligence;
  • Pattern recognition; computational linguistics; decision-making systems; neural networks; genetic algorithms; fuzzy logic; natural language processing (morphological, syntactic, semantic text analysis).

System analysis and management

  • Modern problems of management theory.
  • Adaptive and robust control systems.
  • Theory of control systems with increased potential for robust stability.
  • Theory of chaos and control of deterministic chaotic processes.
  • Intelligent control systems.
  • Development , creation and operation of automated production systems ; 
  • Methods of analysis, forecasting and management of technological processes, technical systems and high-tech research facilities




Since 2012, two research institutes have been functioning on the basis of the faculty: Research Institute "Artificial Intelligence", Research Institute "Information Security and Cryptology".


In 2015, the Kazakh-Indian Training Center for Information and Communication Technologies IKCEICT was opened with the participation of Prime Ministers of Kazakhstan and India Karim Massimov and Narendra Modi. This center is equipped with a supercomputer "Param-Bilim", on the basis of the center, along with the teaching and research activities of teaching staff and students, remote authorized courses and seminars of teaching staff are constantly organized.

On the basis of the Faculty of Information Technology there is a dissertation council in the following areas:

Scientific direction "Computer Science and information systems" (8D01511-Computer Science, 8D06103-Information systems (by industry), 8D06306-Computer engineering and software)

Scientific direction "Automation and control" (8D07102 - Automation and control)

Scientific direction "Informatics" (8D01511 - Informatics)